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Welcome to Kimaï

We’re Jessica and Sidney,

Growing up in Antwerp, with families in the trade, we were frustrated by the lack of transparency in the fine jewelry industry. This industry has never been clear about how its jewelry is made. Sometimes due to a lack of information and sometimes to avoid darker truths. But we celebrate curiosity and we’re not afraid to be different.

Our mantra is
 recycle not resource.

Diamonds grown in labs shine just as brightly as those found in mines - and we have the science to prove it. We combine our diamonds with recycled gold to offer you sophisticated pieces that leave the earth untouched. Unlike traditional diamonds, all of our jewelry is made in Antwerp, giving you the comfort of knowing where your diamonds come from. At Kimai, we don’t just want you to look your best, but feel your best. We believe true luxury is a design process that does not compromise anyone or anything in its making - that’s what makes Kimai so luxurious.

Locally made Responsibly sourced Lab-grown Luxurious

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