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Because beauty shouldn’t cost the earth

Traditionally a diamond was produced 150-250km below earth’s surface, taking 1-3.5 billion years to form and huge efforts to remove. But, by replicating these conditions, diamonds are now grown in labs. Formed from small carbon seeds that  melt and dissolve – to make diamonds. Each stone reacts differently to this process, meaning these diamonds retain all the magic but none of the consequences.

Diamonds from us straight to you, without the middleman

Lab-grown diamonds, clear in every way

Lab grown diamonds are the same as natural diamonds. They are created in the same way – the age-old combination of carbon, heat, pressure and time. And they produce the same results - identical in colour, cut, carat and clarity (the 4Cs). They are indistinguishable. Save for one fact. These stones have been harvested without displacing even a blade of grass. None of the ethical or environmental impacts, all of the luxury. 

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The Four C’s

Diamonds all have different characteristics, this keeps the stones unique.  These characteristics are measured via a universal grading system – The 4C’s:


The sharper the cut, the better the diamond’s facets interact with the light to create the ultimate sparkle. Learn More.


Diamonds should vary in colour, this is graded on an alphabetical scale, the less the color the higher the grade. Learn More.


Diamonds can have imperfections and blemishes, this affects their clarity, the clearer your stone the higher it’s grade. Learn more.


The carat is defined by the size of the diamond, diamonds are weighed in metric carats, with one unit equal to 0.2 grams.